Thursday, December 1, 2011

MIT Intramurals: LCA-83 Sloan-43

The pocket protectors and slide rules were put away and out came the headbands and sneakers for the evening. The MIT Intramural basketball league, the fiercest games of hoops this side of the Charles River, has begun.

I am playing for my old fraternity, Lambda Chi Alpha, in the "top" division of the league. Although trash-talking always ends up involving complex algorithyms, proofs, and mathematical equations that I don't understand (and thus keep quiet), the league has some decent teams. Luckily my fellow fraternal brethren on the squad are not the Animal-House, keg-pounding, hanging-from-the-chandelier type (well...maybe on the last day of finals....and on Pi day, 3/14), and are all former MIT basketball players. Very good ones.

In our team's second game (my first coming off the injured list), we downed "Three Man Weave", one of the Sloan MBA teams, 83-43. I looked down at my hand at the end of the game, and there was no bone staring at me, so I considered it a good day.

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