Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tindastoll-70 IR-81


Our bet was one quarter.

Coach and I predicted Jimmy would take his mask, which he is required to wear by the doctors because of his broken nose, off after the first quarter. The poor, unwanted mask didn't even make it to tip-off. After having his face crushed two weeks ago, Jimmy returned to the court with his game and facial exterior looking as good as ever. He scored 27 points, grabbed 7 rebounds, and dished out 5 assists, leading us to our third win in a row.

It was another long, beautiful road trip, this time to Sauðárkrókur, the second-largest town in northern Iceland with a population of just over 2,500 (which means at least a fifth of their town was at the game).

The 3.5-hour drive included coastal highways, gorgeous snow-capped mountains, and a tunnel 120m under water. And Nemanja trying to tell Serbian jokes.

Cup game on Monday. 

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