Sunday, November 27, 2011


I ripped my cast off over the weekend and found a friend to take out my stitches (I need to keep my BOB calculator happy...luckily the friend is an athletic trainer), and have begun the "rehab" process to make sure my finger doesn't fall off ("rehab" consists of making sure it can bend, and making sure the bone doesn't thrash through the skin again). I'm amazed at how well the body heals. I'm not amazed that I looked like a pansy having an enormous cast on my entire forearm for an injury on the tip of my pinky finger on my non-shooting hand.

In the meantime, I have talked with my agent (my mom) about finding teams to play on so I can perhaps keep the dream alive later down the road. Currently it will be a corporate league team (for the company I work for, Autotegrity), an MIT intramural team (yes, I will be playing against a bunch of physicists and rocket-scientists; perhaps Noam Chomsky will lace 'em up, I heard he has a mean granny-style, under-hand set shot from the free-throw line), and a solid "recreational" team in one of the better leagues in Boston (this team boasts a number of All-Region and All-Conference players from college, and the 2010 Div. III National Player of the Year [Jimmy B. was 2009]...I'm pretty sure I'll be the 7th option on this team).

I'm hoping I can get as much ball and training in as I can while working and coaching part-time. Now that all the NBA players are back playing and unavailable, if anyone is looking for a washed-up pro for the other four days of the week, please get in touch with my agent.

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