Monday, November 7, 2011

Iceland Express League Round 5 Standings

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Express L. Standings
 1. Grindavik5-0 
 2. KR4-1 
 3. Stjarnan4-1 
 4. Thor Thorl3-2 
 5. Keflavik3-2 
 6. IR3-2 
 7. Snaefell3-2 
 8. Fjolnir2-3 
 9. Njardvik2-3 
 10. Haukar1-4 
 11. Tindastoll0-5 
 12. Valur0-5

We are currently tied for 5th place with Keflavik in the Express League, holding a tie-breaker over Snaefell with our win over last year's regular season champs two weeks ago.

Tonight is a Cup game vs. club rival KR (these Cup games have no effect on our League record, but are certainly important for this Cup tournament).

KR á heilanum...

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