Wednesday, September 21, 2011

ARBA-62 Escazu-66



Last Friday night we fell short of our championship dreams, ending our season with blood, sweat, and tears in a battle with Escazu in the second and final game of the league semi-finals. Tied 47-47 at the start of the fourth, we left everything we had on the court in the final frame. Unfortunately our shots didn't fall, and our remarkable, cinderella-esque journey towards the teams' first-ever top-division championship came to an end.


Two months ago, our team was sitting in a vacant classroom attached to our gym. I couldn't quite understand what our general manager was telling us in Spanish, but I knew it was bad. Everyone's heads were down. I asked our coach what just said.

"Basically, we found out next week if we have a team or not."

Our sponsors were questioning the financial viability of the team. Understandably, they wanted to know if this endeavor was a good investment for them or not.

It was a long, trying week. Uncertainty of the future hung in the air during practices. I could be gone at any moment.

Thankfully we received word the next week we'd still have a team. Everyone would have to make sacrifices, though. Large paycuts occurred across the board.

This emotional period had left its mark. We'd lose four games in a row. We sat in 6th place, with a record of 3-6. Our chances looked grim. With our backs to the walls, our only hope was to win every game left in the regular season.

So we did.

We pulled together. We never quit. We pushed each other in practices. We were going to give San Ramon, and each other, everything we had.

This has been an incredible season and journey to say the least. I am so thankful I've been given the opportunity to play with such a great team; not only great players, but great people. The management of ARBA has been top-notch, and Coach Erickson has been a life-changer. It was an honor representing this sports-enthused town of San Ramon.

The best part of Costa Rica hands down has been the people. Relationships are valued so much here, and I'm so glad I've been lucky to enough to form some incredible relationships. I hope to hold on to these forever.

My plane leaves back for Boston on Oct. 15th. Until then, it's getting one last taste of Pura Vida.

Gracias, San Ramon.

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  1. Why the hell are you going back to Boston??? Come home mane! What you gonna do out there you cant do here?!?