Wednesday, August 24, 2011

ARBA-61 Liceo-66



Alas, my triumphant return was short-lived. I started off the game with a three from the corner, a couple boards, a nice steal, and a nice assist. Oh yea and three fouls in three minutes (for those who aren't Costa Rica basketball savvy...that's bad. You only get 5 fouls in the game).

I sat on the bench for the next 17 minutes, and at halftime mentally prepared myself to come out in the second half with a bang. And if coming out with a bang is committing another foul in the first 60 seconds of the half, then I did just that. Unfortunately I wasn't able to convince the refs I didn't do anything wrong. I guess Hollywood didn't teach me any acting skills. Or defensive skills.

I continued to sit on the bench with my fourth foul until midway through the final quarter. Long story short we lost in the last 20 seconds of the game (when I of course committed my fifth and final foul and had to leave the game). To really top everything off, as I was putting on my coat to leave the locker room, a four-inch cockroach came squirming out of it, telling me how bad my defense was as he scurried across the floor.

In other news, as I showed up to Gina's house before the game (I needed my pre-game banana shake), I was met on the kitchen table with 40 cans of tuna and 80 bottles of Smirnoff Ice. Shocked and a little sad Gina didn't invite me earlier to her Tuna and Booze fiesta, I inquired into this rare combination of treats. "Gina??! Que Paso??!" Yup, you guessed it. There was an accident on the highway involving the collision of a Tuna truck and a Smirnoff Ice truck. All bystanders got to take whatever they could carry. I could use a Tuna and Booze fiesta right now...

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